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Physical therapy Zagreb

Non-operative docompression therapy of the spine (DTK)

Spinal decompression therapy , in contrast to classical physical therapy, which mainly works only to reduce symptoms, has an advantage in application because it is aimed at eliminating the cause.

It is an effective non-operative method of resolving the problem of low back pain spreading to the leg, sciatica , cervical spine pain, headache, dizziness , tinnitus, tingling along the arms and scoliosis . In 85 percent of cases, spinal decompression therapy delays surgery, unlike conventional physical therapy, which generally only works to reduce symptoms.

Every 10 people are affecting spine diseases today

These diseases are the cause of three million hospitalizations in Croatia a year, which places us at the very top of Europe in terms of the disease that drastically reduces the ability to work and quality of life. Today, back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor and the most common reason for being absent from work, and the causes of pain can be various, often professionally conditioned, whether it is a predominantly sedentary lifestyle or intense physical activity. Spinal diseases, in addition to creating major health problems, also carry with them a number of accompanying costs that can be quite large: the costs of sick leave, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

Prevention is still the most important

In preventing spinal problems, prevention is still paramount - lifting a heavier load in a bent position and sitting for a long time should be avoided, while proper exercise and recreational sports on the other hand can be very good prevention. But when the problem is already present, there is physical therapy and its methods by which it is possible to eliminate pain and even avoid surgery.

NADO concept of treatment

The NADO Polyclinic is closely specialized in the treatment of various forms of spinal disorders. We deal with preoperative, postoperative and sports rehabilitation, and special emphasis is on decompression therapy of the spine (DTK), which is considered more effective than auxiliary procedures in physical medicine and rehabilitation. We are the largest center in the EU for non-operative decompression therapy of the spine, and we are the first in Croatia to introduce this type of therapy, and create our concept of treatment - NADO CONCEPT OF TREATMENT. In the last 17 years, as far as we are concerned, we have performed hundreds of thousands of spinal decompression therapy procedures.

Physical therapy Zagreb

About us

Our vision is happy people with no problems in the spine and locomotor system.
That is why we strive to become one of the leading centers for non-operative spinal decompression therapy (DTK) and scoliosis treatment in the world.