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Scoliosis - examination, assessment, treatment plan and program

At the Nado Polyclinic, we perform a detailed physiotherapeutic assessment for children and adolescents who have poor posture or fixed spinal deviation (kyphosis or scoliosis).

With a precise history of the patient, recording risk factors (sudden growth, age, Risser's sign, family history, pain, first menstrual cycle in girls, sports activities, etc.) we do physiotherapy assessment and examination of the musculoskeletal system. By observing the asymmetry of the shoulders, shoulders, waist line, pelvic tilt, limb length, we perform the Adams tilt test and determine whether it is a scoliotic or kyphotic posture, or a fixed deviation.

Formetric 3D / 4D spine recording

In the case of a positive test, we also do a spine scan with a top-quality optical scanner Formetric 3D and a 4D system . Completely safe, harmless, precise and without ionizing harmful radiation, in 40 msec the computer captures 25 thousand points on the torso and animates the spine in 3D or 4D projection. With this imaging we see every deviation from the center of gravity (lateral deviation), rotation of each individual vertebra, kyphosis angle, lordosis, trunk length and many other data that give us a complete insight and evaluation of the patient's condition before and after treatment.

Treatment plan and program

In cooperation with the entire professional team of our clinic ( orthopedist , physiatrist , neurosurgeon , osteopath, manual therapists) we work and conduct decompression therapy of the spine and group exercises for up to 6 patients as well as individual training.

Targeted exercises are tailored to the individual diagnosis, condition and age of the patient. We especially work on torso self-elongation, deflection, learning proper rotational breathing, strengthening weak and stretching shortened muscles. Our goal is to prevent the progression of scoliosis or kyphosis, strengthen spinal stabilizers, strengthen paravertebral muscles, maintain lung capacity, and correct posture.

About us

Our vision is happy people with no problems in the spine and locomotor system.
That is why we strive to become one of the leading centers for non-operative spinal decompression therapy (DTK) and scoliosis treatment in the world.