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Kinesio Tape therapy

Basic functions and effects of KINEZIO TAPING:

  • improving muscle function
  • improving the circulation of body fluids
  • pain reduction
  • supporting joint function

KinesioTape tape is not a bandage and is used in many functional areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, (orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, sports, hydrotherapy, etc.), as well as support for other methods and techniques of rehabilitation (improving effects and results).

How to use:

Before applying Kinesio Tape, it is necessary to stretch the skin in order to achieve the effect of "convolution". As soon as the body moves, Kinezio Tape tape will act as a pump and thus continuously stimulate lymphatic circulation and muscle corrections. Kinesio Tape as a technique reduces pressure on local pain receptors and reduces muscle pain. On the other hand, if joints or ligaments are injured, Kinesio Tape tape should be stretched before applying to the skin. Damaged joints or ligaments are unable to function normally and rely on stretched Kinesio Tape correction tape. Kinesio Tape tape can be applied as a single tape [I], or in “X” or “Y” shapes, depending on the shape and size of the target muscle (s). The basic principle of therapeutic imaging for weakened muscles is to wrap the Kinesio Tape tape around the affected muscles. Start where the muscle starts [ORIGIN] and continue along the muscle, and end where the muscle [input] ends. The Kinesio Tape technique is also used to support prescribed therapy. To prevent cramps or over contraction (muscle overuse), Kinesio tape should be applied from [insert] to [origin].

Kinezio Tape technique is used in acute conditions such as:

  • stretch or twist a muscle,
  • muscle spasm,
  • edema,
  • injury or surgery.

Techniques for installing KinezioTape tape:

  • placement on the muscle
  • placement on the ligament
  • corrective setting
  • placement on lymph flow


There are currently no known side effects with Kinesio Taping. However, the installation of Kinezio Tape should definitely be avoided in the following cases:

  • open wounds
  • still unhealed scars
  • neurodermatitis and psoriasis
  • genital area in the first three months of pregnancy
  • acrylic allergy

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