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HILT - laser therapy

Unique physical therapy for degenerative joint changes and osteoarthritis.

Conventional laser therapy has been present in Europe for more than 25 years. More than 2,000 scientific publications testify to the effectiveness and correctness of this therapeutic approach. Its non-toxicity has been demonstrated and there are no side effects. For all these reasons, it is currently used as a stand-alone therapy or as adjunctive therapy.

Until now, conventional laser therapy has been applied using a medium or low power device, with interesting results. However, it does not allow the treatment of health problems located deeper in the tissue levels, as it does not allow a sufficiently high dose of energy to be brought into the deep layers without causing thermal damage to the tissue. For these reasons, traditional laser therapy can be applied successfully only to superficial pathological changes.

Today, thanks to the revolutionary patented HILT therapy, it is also possible to treat disorders located deeper in the tissues, because HILT possesses the strength and energy needed to treat all inflammatory conditions located deeper in the tissue, not just superficial injuries.
In addition, HILT therapy is non-toxic and can be performed without damaging the tissue surrounding the area of ​​the pathological condition.

HILT is therefore the only therapeutic method that allows the safe treatment of all inflammatory conditions, even if they are located in depth, causing - from the first application - a strong reduction in pain, along with recovery of mobility. This beneficial effect can last from 4 to 72 hours after the first application. After a certain number of treatments, complete disappearance of pain and complete return of mobility is achieved.
HILT is a revolutionary therapeutic approach for orthopedists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports medicine experts, etc.

Main indications:

  • degenerative joint changes
  • chondropathy
  • lumbago

Principles of action

HILT bases its efficiency on a special and characteristic laser tip of a high-power pulse, using special frequencies and pulse widths. This laser radiation has been carefully clinically tested for efficacy in all of the aforementioned pathological conditions. Thanks to its characteristics it is able to deliver to deeper tissues a proper and effective dose of energy without being toxic to surrounding tissues.

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Thanks to the high-power laser pulse tip it uses, HILT is able to produce a very strong photometric effect: real pressure waves, which inside the tissue and act directly on the lymphatic drainage pump, using its action on the inflammatory process, even if chronic, using the ability collagen and hyaline cartilage regeneration. Thanks to its photometric effect, HILT is able to produce rapid resorption of fluids that have leaked due to trauma or inflammation.

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