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Exercises for scoliosis

The Nado Polyclinic also performs exercises for certain spinal deformities, ie exercises for scoliosis. After detailed processing; examination and imaging of the spine with an optical scanner Formetric 3D / 4D, children are introduced to the program. Decompression therapy is done once a week while scoliosis exercises are performed in our center every day. Exercise dates for scoliosis are arranged so that children can participate given different school shifts.

Trainings, ie exercises for scoliosis last for one hour. The approach to children is individual. According to their deformations, an exercise program is made for each individual. For the first 15 minutes, the children warm up on the devices available in our hall, and then targeted symmetrical and asymmetrical exercises are performed according to their diagnosis.

Various props are used: from a ball to mats, Swedish ladders, ribbons, etc. The age of children who come to the Nado Polyclinic for scoliosis exercises is from 10 to 18 years. With exercises according to Katharina Schrot, we at the Nado Polyclinic work on axial elongation, derotation, deflection, facilitation and stabilization of the spine. Children can come until the scoliosis exercises are adopted but also later. Exercises for scoliosis are performed under the guidance of a physiotherapist who makes corrections and determines the pace as well as the exercise program.

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It is important to emphasize that all children who come to the Nado Polyclinic must exercise at home 1-2 times a day. The goal of the exercises is to achieve a strengthening of the spinal stabilizers so that they as armor prevent further progression of scoliosis, as well as the reduction of the existing one.

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