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The method is based on the principle of electroanalgesia, where A nerve fibers are stimulated. Stimulation of A fibers results in inhibition of C fibers responsible for transmitting pain to higher levels of the nervous system. Electrical stimuli with a frequency of 75 - 125 Hz and a pulse duration of 0.8 ms best stimulate A nerve fibers. Mostly two-channel devices with a voltage of 0-9 V and a current of 0 - 75 mA are used. The current is applied through electrodes, with the addition of gel or paste, which increase the conductivity of the skin, if necessary. The active electrode is placed on the painful place, and the other on the opposite side. The time of pain relief is different and ranges from 10-30 minutes, and the treatment lasts that long. The procedure can be repeated several times a day.

When do we use TENS?

  • acute and chronic pain caused by various pathological processes
  • rheumatic diseases
  • trauma
  • orthopedic diseases
  • surgery
  • neurology
  • gynecological and oncological diseases

Physical therapy Zagreb

There is no contraindication for use, but patients with pacemaker and decompensated cardiac function should not receive therapy.

About us

Our vision is happy people with no problems in the spine and locomotor system.
That is why we strive to become one of the leading centers for non-operative spinal decompression therapy (DTK) and scoliosis treatment in the world.