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Sports injuries

The most common injuries during sports activity can generally be divided into two groups: acute and chronic injuries.

Acute injuries

Occurred in direct contact: scratches, cuts, contusions, trauma, distortions, sprains, ruptures, fractures, concussions as a result of head injury, rupture of the Achilles tendon, etc. They are manifested by bleeding at the site of injury and as a result of hematoma formation. The basic principle of disposal is: saving from any activity, cooling, compression, elevation.

Chronic injuries

Formed as a result of excessive training and overexertion syndrome, and manifest themselves in the form of various tenditis, bursitis, cramps, stress fractures.

Sports injuries also occur due to the use of inadequate clothing, footwear and due to the negligence of the person, and most often affect the soft and supporting tissues, less often the bones.

The basics of rehabilitation are: making a rehabilitation plan and setting a realistic goal.
The stages of rehabilitation are: control of pain and inflammation, return to range of motion / mobility, strength exercises, endurance, coordination, specific performance for a particular sport.

At the Nado Polyclinic, with modern medical equipment for physical therapy and rehabilitation, and an individual approach to each patient, we solve all sports problems of both acute and chronic nature with a high percentage of success.

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