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Shoulder calcification - calcifying tendinitis

Calcifying tendonitis of the rotator cuff is a common disorder manifested by the accumulation of calcium hydroxyapatite in the area of ​​the bone tendon grip with spontaneous resorption of the calcification and consequent tendon healing. The disease can be divided into 2 stages. In the first phase, the period when the calcification is formed, the patient does not feel pain and there are no major difficulties. In the second stage, the period of calcification resorption, the patient feels severe pain and the whole shoulder is extremely painful.

The etiology of the disease is unknown. It is more common in women and diabetics. Very rarely, complete rupture of the rotator cuff occurs, while partial rupture is due to the outbreak of calcifications on the bursal side. There is no association between calcification and trauma.

At the Nado Polyclinic, we successfully treat shoulder calcification with a shock wave . It only takes a few treatments to break the calcification.

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