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Katharina Schroth method three-dimensional physiotherapeutic approach in the treatment of scoliosis

The originator of this method was the German Katharina Schroth (1894-1985), and her daughter Crista supplemented the basic principles of physiotherapy with an individualistic approach in therapeutic assessment.

Creating a treatment plan and program based on each form of spinal curvature, she integrated three-dimensional rotational breathing, and this method has achieved top success in the conservative treatment of

Scoliosis originates from the Greek word scoliosis - distorted and represents a deformity of the spine with deviation in all three planes, frontal, sagittal and transverse. According to recent studies, every 4th child has some form of
spinal curvature, scoliosis or kyphosis (kyphosis - hunched over), whether it is a fixed deformity or just poor posture.

This method, with specific three-dimensional rotational breathing in concavity, achieves expansion of the intercostal space, increases the vital capacity of the lungs, activates hypotonic muscles and achieves postural correction.

Exercises are performed in sets of controlled inhalations and exhalations, with the tension and activation of certainmuscle groups and stretching others, achieves maximum effect.

With precisely defined, targeted and detailed individually adjusted exercises and positions, we place the biomechanical musculoskeletal system in the correct postural shape. By activating and facilitating hypotonic musculature, sometimes with the help of passive pads, sometimes through palpation and the help of an educated physiotherapist, these exercises become very effective in treating scoliosis.

The equipment needed to perform the exercises is minimalist and can be adjusted in any apartment or house. With a Swedish ladder or two telescopic poles, a mat, a ball, a mirror and a few support pads, this technique can be implemented.

The exercises are completely asymmetrical in a bit and unusual, but with a dozen arrivals
and patience, each of our patients managed to master and learn exercises specific to his deformity.

By imaging the spine with the Formetric 4D system , we get a lot of data quickly, without contact and without radiation , without any harmful effect, and based on the obtained results, we evaluate what has been achieved.

In our polyclinic, children with scoliosis are also treated with mandatory decompression therapy of the spine 1x, ie, achieving activation of proprioceptors in the neck, which play an important role in postural proper posture.
Decompression therapy with exercises achieves the maximum therapeutic effect. Of course, we must note that in progressive forms of scoliosis, unfortunately, we must sometimes include wearing orthoses, but we must not neglect the activity of our muscles, which must be constantly active and support our spine. Therefore, we recommend wearing them only during the night.

With our little help and your will, we will surely reach the desired goal….
Katharina Schroth Lic.physiotherapist
Antoneta Maričić

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