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Heel spur - plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the real name of the clinical picture characterized by pain in the area of ​​the lower and inner side of the heel. The pain is strongest in the morning and is accompanied by stiffness, discomfort in the foot after getting out of bed and a positive test of passive thumb dorsiflexion (stretching the thumb towards the body).

Heel spurs are more common in men, more common in people who engage in activities that require longer plantar flexion (bending the feet toward the floor) and dorsiflexion (feet up). Irritation of the periosteum occurs due to the formation of new bone (so-called thorns) and consequent inflammation.

Plantar fasciitis is successfully treated with shock wave at the Nado Polyclinic, and only 3-5 treatments are needed.

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