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Ultrasound diagnostics of the movement system

At the NADO polyclinic, we strive to eliminate or reduce the painful symptoms and syndromes of our patients and operate with the slogan "LIFE WITHOUT PAIN".

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Pain is the most common feeling or sensory experience that brings a patient to the doctor. In orthopedics, in addition to pain, patients come for examination due to reduced (contracture, ankylosis) or increased mobility (instability, looseness) of the joint, rupture or weakness of muscles and tendons, muscle injuries (hematomas) and cysts, tumors and deformities (congenital or acquired) .

Ultrasound diagnostics allows us to monitor soft structures, namely ultrasound does not pass through the bones but only shows their outline (so according to the correct or irregular, jagged echo is indirectly oriented about the condition of the bone.

The diagnosis is made by clinical examination and additional examinations (CT, X-ray, MR) which are not immediately available, are relatively expensive and some take too long, and give only a static view of the structures. In contrast to these slowing down procedures, ultrasound diagnostics is immediately AVAILABLE, FAVORABLE, HARMFUL and provides spatial observation in REST and MOVEMENT. Ultrasound diagnostics shows cartilage erosions of small joints, as well as tumors and soft tissue cysts better than X-rays. Details within articular structures are very often invisible, or difficult to see, because they are covered by other echogenic structures, especially bone.

The negative side of ultrasound examinations is the dependence on the subjective criteria of the examiner, ie on the knowledge of matter, knowledge of the anatomy and function of the structures being examined. Based on this, the examiner assesses the condition of the tissue, determines the diagnosis and directs the treatment.

Ultrasound diagnostics is most often performed for disorders around the shoulder, the tendon of the upper arm, forearm and hand, the structure around the knee and elbow, the ankle and the Achilles tendon.

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Our vision is happy people with no problems in the spine and locomotor system.
That is why we strive to become one of the leading centers for non-operative spinal decompression therapy (DTK) and scoliosis treatment in the world.